DANCE ON CAMERA — Chris Parker & Sakiko Yamagata / Le Sauit InFini

Le Saut Infini, a collaboration between directors Chris Parker and Sakiko Yamagata and choreographer Emery LeCrone, is an adaptation of LeCrone’s earlier work With Thoughtful Lightness, which premiered in the Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process series in October 2011. Featuring New York City Ballet dancers Russell Janzen and Megan LeCrone, Le Saut Infini explores the dancers’ perception of space and time while capturing the physical, intimate moments between them.

Le Saut Infini was presented at the Dance on Camera Film festival as well as the Lincoln Center Film Festival and Choreoscope.

Choreoscope is the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. Made for dance lovers and also, film lovers.

Images by Chris Parker.

Images by Chris Parker.

Dance films need their own space; they need their home, their temple, a gathering place. Its audience is not limited only to people interested in dance and movement, but it also includes people interested in different approaches to the cinematographic language, those who prefer non-commercial movies, experimental movies, those who are eager to experience different types of movie narrative.

Le Saut Infini

Created by Chris Parker and Sakiko Yamagata
Choreography: Emery LeCrone
Featuring Megan LeCrone & Russell Janzen
Cinematography: Chris Parker
Gaffer: Roger Gibbs
Make Up: Carlo Longo
Assistant Camera: Gregorio Franchetti
VFX: Aaron Ohrt
Production: Jamie Irving, Clement Pascal, Conor Hagen

Music: "Continuum" by Gabriela Montero (
Gabriela Montero appears courtesy of EMI Records